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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

491th Regular Meeting Picture

Rotaract Club Of Motijheel
491th Regular Meeting

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

490th Regular Meeting

490th Regular Meeting
Rotaract Club Of Motijheel.

Provide By: Rtr. Rakib Khan (Ashik)
Vedio: Rtr. Farhad Ferouz (Editor)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Online Rotaract Quiz Competition

Online Rotaract Quiz Competition.
Organized By : Rotaract Club of Motijheel,Notre Dame College
Spon By: Rotary Club Of Motijheel.
RID- 3280, Bangladesh.

Online Quiz Competition Roles :
1)    All of Rotaract person  can  participate in  this program.
2)    Excluded  Rotaract person attends this program if  any Rotaract person recommend him/her.
3)    For Registration (Please, Send Your E-mail address, Your Full Name, Cell number, Your Club Name or recommended any Rotaract person name & Club Name).
4)    Our Mail address is  “Bravo Electronics Industries, 4/2 Jaykali Mondir Road, Wari, Dhaka.”
Email address: rtr.rakibkhan@yahoo.com
5)    We will provide a soft copy registration form with quiz in your E-mail address.
6)    Once  you get our registration “form”  (soft copy) then  fill it  up & send  back  to our E-mail address before 11-05-2012.
7)    After verifying your reply form then we will select winner and publish result on Facebook  (www.facebook.com/rcmotijheel) as well as  our Blog web site. (www.rcmotijheel.blogspot.com).
8)    Winner persons will get a Conformation SMS.  

9)    Our prize ceremony’s    Date-time & Venue will publish on www.rcmotijheel.blogspot.com & Facebook (www.facebook.com/rcmotijheel).
 Hotline: 01680565656 (Rakib), 01913478766 (Nazim)

490th Regular Meeting & Chatter Day Celebration

Rotaract Club Of Motijheel
490th Regular Meeting
Chatter Day Celebration